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Tired of spending too much time on pricing, ordering, and quoting? Introducing Pricer Software, the automated solution that takes away the manual and tedious tasks! Save time and resources by automating price calculations, quickly sending quotes and orders to clients, and effortlessly integrating with our eCommerce platform.

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Quotation Software That Automates Pricing and Ecommerce

You can confidently move your customer from initial quote to final order without all the errors that come with manual data entry. With Pricer Software, you have a tool that will help you maximise efficiency and profit for your business. With just a few clicks of a button, it will be easier than ever before for you to manage tasks efficiently. Start streamlining your processes today — get started with Pricer today!


Save time and automate your business with Pricer. Our software can help automate pricing, quotations, invoicing, eCommerce and job management. Our quotation software can manage highly complex pricing structures for any business logic required.
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Modern and easy-to-use eCommerce platform that's ready for your business to showcase your products online.
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Order Management

Pricer software includes feature rich order management and tracking for your team and customers.
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Brandpack is a print and packaging company in Dublin, Ireland. Brandpack decided to use Pricer Software because the current eCommerce and quotation software market offerings did not meet the complex pricing calculations required for a printing company. By using Pricer Software, Brandpack are able to manage the pricing algorithms that make up print product configurations such as page size, the number of colours, special finish metallic or spot UV, corners, laminating, folding, binding and much more. Read more about our pricing software solutions here.

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SaaS and custom software development.

Quotation dashboard reporting
Quotation Dashboard Reporting

We've recently updated the dashboard for Pricer Software for improved quotation and pricing reporting and a more responsive and cross-browser mobile user interface. The dashboard provides a quick glance of current orders, leads, pending transfers and reporting on your quotations and pricing including monthly sales in the form of a bar chart with a pan and zoom function for filtering, sales by product in a donut chart and sales by customer. We also offer bespoke dashboard development for unique business workflows, quotation processes, reporting and data exporting.

Website Scraping Software
Price & Data Scraping

Job pricing and quoting can be a manual and time-consuming process, especially if you require costings from suppliers. A typical process would involve getting these costings and storing them in your data store whether a database or excel file. You would then add your business logic and manually prepare a quotation. This repetitive process is time consuming and susceptible to human error. Furthermore, and especially in the current economic climate with volatile costs and inflation, your supplier costings need to be continuously checked for changes and updates. If the supplier has thousands of product costing configurations this may not be feasible at all, and you would need to rely on quoting every job manually. A price scraping robot can take the time and human error out of this quotation process.

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