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The project


Brandpack is a print and packaging company in Dublin, Ireland. Brandpack decided to use Pricer Software because the current eCommerce and quotation software market offerings did not meet the complex pricing calculations required for a printing company. By using Pricer Software, Brandpack are able to manage the pricing algorithms that make up print product configurations such as page size, the number of colours, special finish metallic or spot UV, corners, laminating, folding, binding and much more.

Branding & website design

Brandpack commissioned Pricer Software to create a new brand and logo design with website development to match this new branding. The brand colours chosen were a fresh green because they were looking to increase their efforts in procuring sustainable materials. The Brandpack site runs on Pricer Software SaaS, with an easy-to-use brand colour matching tool so updating the whole site to the new branding colours was done easily through the software.